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Copy Right Fleetwood Radio Enthusiasts Group 2017

About the group

Fleetwood Radio Enthusiast Group was formed in May 2012 by founder members John Earnshaw M0JFE and Rob Baines 2E0FFS and became affiliated to the RSGB in 2013.


Fleetwood Radio Enthusiast Group is a radio club that embraces all things to do with the hobby be it CB, 446, scanner, shortwave, aircraft, broadcast, construction, military or amateur radio.

We plan to cater for all needs and our share knowledge being open about our interests .The club will be yours as much as ours we will have a facebook and yahoo group for postings but mainly it's about been face to face and socialising with discussion and open hands on activities.

Fleetwood Radio Enthusiast Group Officals 2016/17


Chairperson :- John Earnshaw M0JFE


Vice Chairperson :- Philip Hopkinson 2E0UHJ


Secretary :- Rob Baines 2E0FFS


Treasurer :- Mike Heaton-Bentley 2E0MKH


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We also offer training for new licence holders to help them progress to the next level. For more infomation please email Email